Board members

Church Board Secretary

Mark Bennett

Church Board Secretary


Amy Tescher

Head Steward of
Compassionate Ministries

Andrea Karel

Steward of Children’s

Andrew Caplinger

Steward of Vision &

Bill Creel

Steward of

Kyle De Fur

Steward of Adult

Josh Crawford

Local Nazarene Youth
International President

Terry Herb

Steward of Compassionate Ministries

Sherri Street

Head Steward of Worship Ministries

Brooke Fields

Steward of Guest Follow up and Welcome

Lindsey Kardatzke

Steward of Small Groups Discipleship Ministries

Jeff Bolt

Steward of Media and Tech for Worship

Brian Schnepp

Steward of the Community Center And Vision

Linda Ellis

NMI president


Greg Etchison

Trustee of Building
& Property

Shawn Richwine

Trustee of Building
& Property, Security

Kyleigh Savage

Trustee of the Finances

Don Mason

Trustee of the Finances