The Easter Journey

Wednesday, April 13 starting at 6:00 PM :: Use Meridian Street Entrances

On Wednesday, April 13th, AFC will be hosting an all-community event called The Easter Journey.  It will be an interactive experience designed for the whole family to ‘journey’ through the narrative of Easter.  During this time, participants will become immersed in the many aspects of Holy Week through creative story telling and multi-sensory experiences.  There will be no regular midweek programming  and the entire family is strongly encouraged to attend together.

There will be no regular adult Bible Studies that evening.

What to Expect

The Easter Journey will have 10 host stations throughout the building.  Participants will start in the foyer and be led through these stations in the chronological order in which the Easter narrative was explained in Scripture.

The event will begin at 6:00 PM and admittance will be opened every 15 minutes through 7:30 PM.  It is important to note that a maximum of 20 participants will be let through at a time; entrance is based on a first come, first served basis.  To secure your time slot, you must visit the check-in table and claim your tickets.


As part of the experience, AFC will be offering a free meal to the community in conjunction with this event.  It will be a grill-out complete with sides, drinks, and dessert.  Participants waiting for entry will have the opportunity to connect with other friends.  There will be some recreation for the children and students as they wait.

The Journey Stations

Station #1: Jesus Predicts His Death

Station #2: Palm Sunday/ Triumphal Entry

Station #3: Jesus Clears the Temple

Station #4: Maundy Thursday/ The Last Supper

Station #5: The Garden of Gethsemane

Station #6: The Betrayal

Station #7: Good Friday

Station #8: Black Saturday

Station #9: Resurrection Sunday

Station #10: Our Response

The Easter Journey has been designed to be children-friendly and biblically accurate.  The entire family is strongly encouraged to participate.


If you have any questions regarding the Easter Journey, please contact either Pastor Cortney at or Pastor Joey at