Connect 4

What is CONNECT 4?

CONNECT 4 is a new event for women of AFC! CONNECT 4 will be held in multiple homes or area locations 4 times per year. Each time, you will be with a different group of ladies so that you can connect with more people. Thus, “connect 4”. Each of the 4 sessions will have a different theme. You are encouraged to be part of each one, but we totally get if you have to miss one. This is all about connection and fellowship!  There are so many great ladies at AFC and we want you to connect with them all! This is also a great opportunity to invite a friend, family member or someone from the community! Jesus met a lot in small group settings and so should we!

April 1: Game Day
June 10: Meet & Greet
July 22: Slow Down
October 28: Gathering at the Table

CONNECT 4 will take some planning so we need you to sign up here:



10/28 @
6:30 pm




Community Center