First Time Guests

Welcome to AFC’s website. I hope that you will find everything you need to help you get connected to AFC. I am encouraged that you are checking us out on the web. I know for many of us that is the first step to finding a church home. I personally want to say that AFC is a friendly and warm place to worship the Lord. You do not have to worry about your attire or anything like that. Come as you are. I know many churches say that, but we mean it. Seriously, come as you are! I am relaxed and believe that the Lord wants us to be in community with other believers whether we are in a suit, t-shirt, or shorts. It doesn’t matter. The Lord looks at our heart and we at AFC look at the heart!

So, you may be nervous about simply coming into the building. Let me give you some insight. The best entrance to come in on Sunday mornings is found at the Meridian Street side of the building. You will notice lots of double glass doors with flags that say “guest” on them. Those are parking spots just for you! Do not be embarrassed to use those parking spots. In fact, in this weather you should most definitely use those parking spots! When you come into the building you will be greeted and those that greet you can help you with any questions you may have. You’re shy? That’s okay. If you don’t want to ask the greeters than look straight ahead from the door you entered in and there in front of you is the sanctuary. Three double doors to enter and to your left facing the sanctuary is the ladies restroom and to the right is the mens. If you go to the right and down the hallway you will come to your second double doors on your right and you will find where all kiddos from birth to 6th grade check in. You will also see the youth room entrance. That’s where you check in all children and nursery. So, back to where we started… if you are an adult and you want to attend Sunday school, they are located downstairs. There are two easy ways to access the lower level. One is by using the elevator that is at the north end of the foyer and the second are the stairways located at both end of the foyer. Don’t be scared when I say downstairs…it’s not like a creepy, old, scary basement but rather an open, bright area where most of our adult classes meet. The classes begin at 10:20am. The classes we offer are also on the website so check them out!

Not sure about whether to attend the 9am or 11:15am service? Let me help you understand more about each of them. The first service is our classic service, which begins at 9 am. This service has a full orchestra, choir, praise team, and has more of mixture of songs leaning on the traditional side. Our second service, which is called “the Gathering” is comprised of a praise team and a very different atmosphere. The worship tends to be much more contemporary in nature and relaxed. So, there truly is something for everyone. The messages are Bible based and are the same in each service.

I encourage you to navigate through the website and if you have any questions please feel free to email myself or anyone on staff. My email is I believe you will discover and encounter Christ here at AFC. My wife and I believe that the Lord has a place for you here and we hope to see you soon.

In Christ alone,

Dr. Joe and Ashley