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Mission & Beliefs

The mission statement of AFC is: “To know Christ and make Him known”.  AFC has been a part of the Anderson Community for over 100 years and much of that time has been in the 46016 zip code.  In today’s world your zip code, even more than your genetic code determines your potential for a healthy life. At AFC we have begun to dream of a holistically healthy life for the neighborhood surrounding our church. It is our intent to initiate good health for our neighborhood by partnering with Neighbors of the church to:

  • Promote a safer neighborhood through cooperation with neighbors and the police and fire departments.
  • Build an indoor playscape to provide a safe place for families to recreate.
  • Create a functional space for education to provide opportunities for tutoring, mentoring, life skills training, parenting classes, and any other need that arises.
  • Seek opportunities for jobs that pay a living wage.
  • Seek affordable housing solutions.

Currently AFC provides the following programs:

  • Frontline Tutoring ministry for children and teens
  • The Clothes Closet
  • ESL classes
  • Neighborhood Crime Watch
  • 1 to 1 spiritual mentoring

AFC financially supports the following community-based ministries:

  • Sowers of Seeds Counseling
  • Christian Center
  • Madison County Chaplaincy
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