2022 AFC Family Mission Trip!

July 5-13, 2022

 Much more info will be coming your way, but we wanted to get the dates in front of you for planning purposes! AFC will head west and do missions work in Mitchell, South Dakota, with our long time friends, Perry & Crysti Luna, and their South Dakota Nazarene church! 


Did you know that NMI offers three books each year for your reading enjoyment? These books are short stories written by our very own Nazarene missionaries and are available online to read or listen to. Hard copies are also available in adult Sunday School classes if you are interested. 

For more info contact

Linda Ellis

NMI President

Alabaster Offering

Save your coins for the Alabaster Offering collection! Each Sunday during the month of September you may drop off your coins for this special offering. What are Alabaster funds used for? These funds build churches, schools and medical facilities all over the world. Thank you for your commitment!

Crisis Care Kits

Crisis Care Kits are made by Nazarene volunteers and are a tangible way that people can get involved in the disaster response process.  Thousands of Crisis Care Kits are made, stored, and distributed globally each year as needs inevitably arise around the world.

At Anderson First Church, we will be collecting Crisis Care Kits the month of January, 2022. We are providing the shopping list so that you may keep your eye out for deals throughout the year! Each Crisis Care Kits will need to be placed in a 2-gallon ziplock bag and we will provide those in January. There will be totes in the foyer for collection the month of January.

Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus!

Every week in our prayer requests in the worship folder you will see Pastor Firas’ name there. Pastor Firas is the pastor of our sister church in Dohuk, Iraq. In 2007, Anderson First Church took on a major commitment to adopt a church in Iraq. This support continues today, having a tremendous impact in one of the most troubled parts of the world. Please continue to keep Pastor Firas’ and his ministry in Iraq in your prayers. Thank you for making a difference around the world!